Gogi café gaemi: burst of flavours

Let’s fly to South-Korea for a delicious bowl of beef and salmon!

The restaurant, I will introduce you is called: Gogi café Gaemi (translation: The meat café, the ant🐜)  in Hongdae, Seoul (near to Sangsu station, exit 1). I went there during my summer vacation, last year. And I still can’t forget the lovely taste of the meat melting on my tongue. 

Gaemi is a small simple restaurant hidden between the streets of Hongdae. It is a bit difficult to find, but worth it. Believe me!!!

I arrived at the restaurant around lunch time and there was already people lining up! Once I sat down at at table, I received a menu with about 6 dishes. Little choices but it was still hard to choose hahaha.

Gaemi is especially known for their salmon bowl. Nice thick slices of raw salmon will be served with rice. And the salmon will melt in your mouth immediately!

The fresh and sweetness of the salmon together with the other ingredients is just a burst of flavours in your mouth. 

Next to the salmon, I also ordered the cubed beef. The beef was perfectly cooked to medium. So, if you don’t like raw salmon or tuna, I will say, go for the cubed beef (or roasted beef, another best seller)! The beef was well seasoned and cooked nicely as it was so juicy!

Both dishes are highly recommended by me! The price is reasonable and affordable for the amount of food you get, about 10.000 won depending on the dish you choose.

Gogi café gaemi, a place I recommend to eat. Go go go!!!


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