Takumi Ramen Dusseldörf: A taste of Japan

Takumi Ramen is located in little Tokyo in Dusseldörf, Belgium. A small and warm restaurant, which is popular among the locals. 

It is very noticeable how popular it is around the locals, as you may expect a lobg queue outside of the restaurant during peak hours. 

A lot of choices can be found on the menu and the ramen is apparently flown from Sapporo to Dusseldörf! 

Once inside, we ordered two different kind of ramen. The Tori karaage and the Tori teriyaki Ramen. 

 (Chicken) Tori Teriyaki Ramen.

 (Chicken) Tori Karaage Ramen.

Both Ramen was really good, the springiness of the ramen and the clean taste of the broth was just awesome! 

The broth of the Ramen is normally made from pork but the broth of these two Ramen is made from chicken. A great replacement if you don’t eat pork!  

The taste of the broth is clean and simple, but a bit plain, which is normal in the Japanese cuisine. I can rather say they let their ingredients talk instead of the broth.

Oh! And a few days ago I heard that Takumi Ramen recently opened in Rotterdam too! Takumi Dusseldörf is the name^^

Which means, a trip to Rotterdam to compare the Ramens!


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  1. Sautéed and Baked says:

    Ooh this is mouthwatering! Awesome!


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