Gustatio: La casa della pasta

La casa della pasta: The house pasta! 

Gustatio is a small Italian family business that started in 2013, located in Groningen, the Netherlands. It is a relative small restaurant for about 30 people, so it is recommended to reserve a table a day before. You really need to reserve a table, as it is always fully booked as far as I know, heard, and saw.

Before going to Gustatio, I heard a lot of good things about it. It is authentic, the food is good, everything is homemade and etc. So, you can understand that I was really excited when my friend asked me to go there with her.

Once arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by the workers and they showed us our table, which was at the window. A lovely place to sit, especially for the couples.
We received the menu, where it consisted of pasta, anti pasta, lasagne and desserts.

There were so many pasta dishes that I never heard of or even tried it. So in the end, after pondering for a long time, I chose the dish called: TAGLIOLINI ALL’ARAGOSTA. A pasta dish with lobster, lobster brisque, and tomato.

This dish was phenomenal! I didn´t expect them to give me so much lobster meat and the portion was enough to fill you. The tagliolini was really nice and springy. You could taste that it was handmade and not just bought from a store. The dish doesn´t contain much sauce, but that doesn´t really matter as it is normal in the Italian cuisine. The lobster was cooked nicely and seasoned well, which is a bonus point. As I had lobster before at other restaurants, but they were mostly overcooked, which in the end will be dry for me. So I was really glad, they knew how to cook their lobster.

After our main dish, we decided to get two different desserts. We ordered: Tiramisu and Tortino.  I had so many horrible tiramisu’s that I always get scared to order it. The tiramisu’s that I had  were more like cake with whipped cream, or just a cake, or it was frozen and not even defrost on time (THE MOST HORRIBLE ONE I EVER HAD).

But knowing that this is an Authentic Italian restaurant, where they make everything themself, really got my expectation up. We had to wait for about 20 mins before our desserts arrived and it was mainly because the Tortino had to be made first.

Let me start with the Tiramisu.
The tiramisu was different from all kinds of tiramisu I had or made myself. I did had tiramisu from an Italian friend before and his one was really good! The cake/biscuit in the tiramisu was like fully soaked, which I love and normally do too when I make tiramisu!
But the tiramisu from Gustatio was different and a bit on the dry side. There was more cake/biscuit than the Mascarpone cream and I am not sure if it is because they are from another region of Italia or that is just how they like it. As I said, I am use to having the biscuit/cake to be fully soaked, but with Gustatio it was only the bottom layer. It was still good though and the best one I had in a restaurant till now.

The second dessert is the Tortino.
Tortino is actually a chocolate lava cake, as how we know. They make this on spot once you order it and it takes about 15 minutes to be done, max. The chocolate inside, was melted but a little bit overcooked, so when we opened it the chocolate didn’t really streamed down. But the cake was still moist and really well made.

The prices of the three dishes:
– Tiramisu                                                   6
– Tortino                                                      7,50
Which is a total of 28,50 euros for these three.

Overall, Gustatio is a recommendation to everyone who wants to try a nice homemade Italian pasta dish.

I really enjoyed the food, which means I will go back again to try the other dishes that they have!!!



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