Takumi Dusseldörf Rotterdam: A taste of Japan

Review of Takumi Düsseldorf in Rotterdam! I have reviewed Takumi before in a previous post, which was located in Düsseldorf.

As mentioned in my previous post, I heard that Takumi opened up a branch in the Netherlands and it is a huge hit I must say! As people have lined up to have a taste of Japan.

Many bloggers and journalists have visited the place after the opening to review the place or compare it with the restaurant in Düsseldorf.

And of course I need to do this too! But I decided to try out their other dishes instead of the Ramen. For a review of the Ramen or to know more about their Ramen, you can check the previous post Takumi Düsseldorf.

In the beginning of the week it was a rocky start for the restaurant. People were disappointed as the taste was different from the one in Düsseldorf. Luckily the owner took action and brought in the head chef of Takumi in Düsseldorf to Rotterdam! From there on, the Ramens are just as good as in Düsseldorf. So, do try them out!

But instead of the Ramen, I decided to try out other dishes as there were more dishes on the menu then I remembered.

A nice springy ball made out of different ingredients, where as the main ingredient is diced octopus. An awesome street food, that you can try out! I totally loved this and it was my first time trying it! It was moist and springy, the flavours were really good and the mayonnaise really complimented it.

The gyoza was really well cooked and is one of my favourite! It was steamed and pan fried to an awesome crispiness on the outside (only the bottom part), while the inside was nice and juicy! 

Teriyaki chicken with rice
The teriyaki chicken was really good, the way it was cooked and how it tasted. It wasn’t dry and the sauce was well made. The flavours of all the ingredients in the bowl really complimented each other.

Overall, it was a great experience and recommendation to everyone. I would recommend small eaters to try out the small rice bowls as they are smaller and enough for small eaters. The portions there are relative big, so do keep that in mind! But for the price it is great!

I can’t really remember the prices well, so I will give an estimation:

Takoyaki                                            4,80
Gyoza                                                  4,80
Teriyaki chicken with rice           8,60

Hope you will enjoy the place and food, as much as how I enjoyed it!


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